IBusiness Reporting & Financial Analysis




Course Introduction

Business Reporting & Financial Analysis Training
Opportunities come to the prepared candidates! Stop being anxious; Stop wandering around; Come join our class to equip you with exciting yet valuable knowledge on business planning, reporting, and financial analysis.

Learning Objectives

Business Acumen
Able to understand organizations’ financial/operational functions to build sound business knowledge and judgement
Hands-on Skills
Gain practical reporting and analysis skills through systematic learning, real life case study and team mock-up projects
Interview Strategy
One on one consultancy and interview strategies for successful hiring
Sustainable Growth
Turn functional experiences to enabling skills for future sustainability development
Background in Accounting, Business, Commerce, Finance, Economics

Target Audience
University students / Graduates / Junior professionals / Interested individuals
Career Opportunities
Financial Analyst / Business Analyst / Retail Analyst / Inventory Analyst / Sales/Marketing Analyst

Course Outline

1)Business Concept
a)Industry Review b)Business Process Review
2)Finance Concept, Process & Tools
a)Business Forecast b)Financial Budgeting c)Strategic Planning
3)Reporting and Analysis
a)Performance Reporting b)Decision Support Analysis c)Management Analysis Tools
4)Business Case Study
5)Beyond Hard Skills
a)Resume & Job Hunting b)Problem Solving Skills c)Personality & Job Success

Course Material & Support

Lecture material
Practical handbook
Business Glossary
Resume Review
Interview Consultancy
Long term Mentorship
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