Passing the Financial Risk Manager (FRM)® Exams Levels 1 & 2 Course Outline



FRM exam designed by the Global Association of Risk Professions (GARP) has become a benchmark to examine whether or not the practitioners have enough capability and expertise in risk management. Passing FRM exam makes a candidate not only be recognized as qualified risk manager but also be connected to a most established network of risk professionals in the world:

  • Objectively benchmarks your knowledge of the major strategic disciplines of financial risk management
  • Differentiates you from your competitors for risk management jobs
  • You will be more favorable to executive recruiters and hiring managers since they are now seeking FRM holders for senior risk management jobs more than ever before

Passing the FRM® Exams Levels 1 and 2 courses are designed to help participants pass these challenging exams and achieve FRM® designation.

Key Features of the Courses

  • Examine-oriented

Keep currency of the latest exams; 30 hours of instructor-led training through structured sample exam questions; students will be taught the knowledge which might not be covered adequately in the assigned readings and published books e.g. In-depth understanding of emerging financial risk management issues

  • Fast and Effective Learning

Help you quickly grasp the underlying concepts that are difficult to understand in the exam and build the whole body of knowledge. Thus students can develop a strong competency in the subjects without heavy memorization.

  • Summarize the Rules and Quick Solutions

Summarized the rules and quick solutions to help you to analyze and answer exam questions under the tight timeline

  • Interactive

Mock exam and quizzes will identify your weakness and you can get useful feedback of areas where you need to be improved

  • Refinement of examination writing skills

Students will be taught with the effective exam preparation and writing skills to pass the exam in the shortest possible time

Part I Course Outline
Foundations of Risk Management

Quantitative Analysis

·         Fundamentals of Probability

·         Fundamentals of Statistics

·         Monte Carlo Methods

·         Modeling Risk Factors

Financial Market and Products

·         Bond Fundamentals

·         Introduction to Derivatives

·         Options Markets

·         Fixed Income Securities

·         Fixed Income Derivatives

·         Equity, Currency, and Commodity Markets

Valuation and Risk Models

·         Introduction to Risk Models

·         Managing Linear Risk

·         Nonlinear (Option) Risk Models

Part II Course Outline

            Market Risk Measurement and Management

·         Advanced Risk Models

·         Managing Volatility Risk

·         Mortgage-Back Securities Risk

Credit Risk Measurement and Management

·         Introduction to Credit Risk

·         Measuring Actuarial Default Risk

·         Measuring Default Risk from Market Prices

·         Credit Exposure

·         Credit Derivatives and Structured Products

·         Managing Credit Risk

Operational and Integrated Risk Management

·         Operational Risk

·         Liquidity Risk

·         Firm wide Risk Management

·         The Basel Accord

Risk Management and Investment Management

·         Portfolio Risk Management

·         Hedge Fund Risk Management

Current Issues in Financial Markets
Instructor: Jason Wang, MBA FRM PMP OCP MCP

Jason Wang, our instructor, has extensive professional experience in risk management, and got the FRM designation last year.  He worked as senior risk analyst and risk manager at the two big banks in Canada. He combines his front-line industry experience in risk management with a passion for financial education to deliver the unique courses at Victoria Training Center. He also worked as an award-winning instructor of PMP and DBA courses at Alcatel-Lucent University. He has a track record in helping students succeed in passing professional examinations and has received excellent testimonials from former students in his courses.

Ø Strong Latest FRM Exam Experience

He is very clearly at what you are responsible for knowing and what are less likely to be tested. He can teach you the most effective exam preparation and writing skills to pass the exam in the shortest possible time.

Ø Practical Risk Management Experience

FRM candidates will be tested on emerging and practical aspects of risk management issues which might not be covered adequately in the assigned readings. He will bring practical experience in financial risk measurement to the classroom to fill in this important gap.

Ø Excellent Teaching Strategies

He can not only help you quickly grasp the difficult concepts and build the whole body of knowledge but also summarized the rules and quick solutions to help you to analyze and answer exam questions under the tight timeline.

Ø Solid Interview Experience

He has strong risk job interview experience at big banks, insurance companies, and pension plan. He will combine interview questions with FRM knowledge study in his class.


We are committed to your success. If, upon completion of either course, you write the FRM® Level 1 or 2 Exam and do not pass, you can attend the School’s next Passing the FRM® Exams course for free.

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