Advanced Excel Skills for Accounting and Financial Modeling  

Course Description

This intensive course is designed for professionals in accounting and financial field who have a couple of years experience and want to improve their Excel modeling skills to move up to the next stage of their career. It is also a must for new graduates who are looking for opportunities as a Financial Analyst.

Excel is a table based tool that allows you to build up relations, either numerical or logical, among numbers or events you put in table cells (or sheets) to produce results for informed decision making.   Forms of these relations can be either in formulas, links, or VBA programs when it gets complicated. 

In this course, these relations will be explored and examined with application to accounting and financial modeling, which make this course very practical and right on the spot. All the examples are taken from actual work with modifications. What you learn is what you need at work! After this course, you will be taking off and fly high by yourself.


The course contains the followings:

·         Capital budgeting, NPV, IRR, depreciation and appreciation

·         Income statement

·         Balance sheet statement

·         Cash flow and modeling

·         Forecasting, sensitivity and scenarios analysis

In addition, the course will cover the following topics:

·         Best practice of Excel spreadsheet, design and management;

·         Frequently used Excel formulas for financial professionals;

·         Data management – data cleaning and validation;

·         “What-if-analysis” using data table and scenario analysis set up;

·         Pivot table and graph; and

·         Many Excel tricks that dramatically improve your efficiency.

·         Introduction to Excel macro and VBA

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