SAS Real Project

Advanced SAS practical programming and analyticalMethodology
Who should take this course: you should have completed SAS/Base and SAS/Advance programming courses, or you have obtained the certificate. You would like to improve skills as a SAS programmer or data/business analyst in various industries, especially in healthcare and pharmaceutical industry, marketing, insurance, finance and risk management.
It is a practical course. Through pretty much of practical exercises, students will achieve extensive experiences in business process flow from objective, preparing analysis dataset to analysis, reporting, graphs and conclusion.  
(1) Introduction of SAS Modules and SAS BI tools.
(2) Advanced SAS programming methodologies in reporting and graph.
(3) Various statistical analysis, SAS procedures and analysis of output.
(4) Application of these statistical methodologies in pharmaceutical industry, financial industry, marketing, risk management and insurance.
(5) Whole process of statistical modeling

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