“The materials we covered in class are never overwhelming and yet straight to the point. For me, the biggest gain through Professor Guo is that I learned how to study smart. Memorization is certainly not the way to pass the CFA exams, and teaches me how to solve a complex problem using a few key concepts and simply, the logic. Secondly, the coach is always available to help whether it’s in-class, off-class, or even after the exam date! I was definitely inspired by the strong commitment from the coach which kept me going throughout the 4-month study.“----Tina
“郭老师的讲课准备充分,条理清晰,帮助大家很好抓住CFA考试的重点和难点。CFA班的内容很多,在课堂上经过郭老师的总结,理解到很多自己不清楚的部分,再复习起来就有事半功倍的效果。这些都帮助我在考试中取得了很好的成绩。唯一遗憾是三级没有开班,如果三级也有郭老师带领我们一起学习的话,我们考试通过起来也会更加轻松,更有自信----Wei Zhang

“十分感谢维多利亚教育学院:尤其感谢CFA的授课老师,在他们的帮住下,我在一年之内顺利通过了一级和二级考试.维多利亚教育学院CFA课程的最大特点就是高效率,有针对性.再加上老师的丰富经验和耐心负责,可以帮助学生以最快的速度通过考试. 通过考取CFA证书不仅可以学习金融知识还可以拓宽职业发---Jessie
“我今年六月参加了CFA二级考试,一月到五月上了郭老师的二级班。郭老师非常认真,每次课都准备的很充分,上课讲的很透彻。同学们有问题可以和老师深入讨论,加深理解。因二级考试内容覆盖面广,我感觉难度明显超过一级,自己备考难度大。但是郭老师经验丰富,他的提纲挈领和承上启下的讲解让人受益匪浅,为备考节省了宝贵的时间。虽然归根到底考二级仍靠自己花力气,但是郭老师的二级班能帮助你达到事半功倍的效果---Jun Fei
Roy老师的CFA课程紧抓每个重要考点, 在课堂上结合工作实例和考试经验对各个关键知识点进行充分和深入的讲解,
并提供非常合理有效的学习方法,复习计划以及解题技巧, 极大地减小了我复习CFA考试的难度和时间. 为我准备CFA考试提供了至关重要的帮助.---Brady

Hi Roy,
I hope that you can still remember me who took CFA Level 2 class
taught by you two years ago.
Time is flying. I am very pleased to let you know that I passed all
three levels in my first attempts. On the date that I received
confirmation email of passing Level 3 exam, I also received an offer
letter as a Credit Analyst! Having passed two exams and waiting for my
last exam definitely helped a lot in this job application!
I do appreciate the time spent learning from you. It helped me to
understand more deeply and therefore I was able to memorize more
Thank you again and hope to have lunch or coffee with you someday.
Sincerely yours,
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