【CSC学员 Fiona】 I am Fiona, the student in CSC courses taught by Anna. She is seriously the outstanding teacher. Even though I saw her once a week, her teaching skills in explaining financial characters and sharing her investment experience were very valuable, which in the end help us learn better in the practical way.  I enjoyed the discussions about Canadian capital markets and even financial job markets in her class. She clearly cares about her students and this was reflected in her enthusiasm for teaching and concern for the progress of her students.
She is very friendly and accessible to her students. Furthermore, she took the initiative to help students to practice interviews. Anna Wang is a very knowledgeable, patient and a kind teacher. She obviously loves what she is doing because it shows in both her dedication to her students and to her work. We all like her very much! Thank you for an awesome class! I believe she will continue to be a great teacher in the future!
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